The Budgeting Spreadsheet - $20

You have downloaded your FREE PDF to build your budget, now what?

This spreadsheet will be your go-to as you work to clean-up your finances to actually start living the life you have envisioned!

Create your budget, track your spending, automatically see how much money you have remaining in each category and analyze your spending all in one place!

Don't just take my word for it...

"Kelly is a great motivator and cheerleader! So good to have a positive voice guiding us through the stressful act of evaluating our budget! "

-Anonymous, Group Coaching client

"I wanted to send you a thank you note. Your advice has been so invaluable and had helped me incredibly over the past few months. Wanted to update you and let you know I’ve met ALL my short term goals we worked on together. I’ve fully funded my moving expenses, 5 months of expenses for my emergency fund, and am fully budgeted through the end of 2020. I couldn’t have done any of it without your help!

-Jonathan, Minnesota

"After two sessions with Kelly at Money Gal Coaching I felt more motivated than ever to get into gear and tackle my debt. She was able to make me see ways that I could quickly eliminate debts while looking towards a debt-free future. For the first time ever, I was able to feel a sense of control over my debt and my financial future."

-Anna, Minnesota

"Met w my girl Kelly Blodgett this morning who started her own business coaching others on becoming debt free! Wow did I learn a lot!!! If you’re interested in learning how to budget, save, and work towards becoming debt free, I urge you to sign up for a session with her! She has so many great tools, presentations, and user-friendly spreadsheets that will help you think about, plan for, and reach your goals!"

-Laura, Iowa

We can’t explain how grateful we are to Kelly for her guidance and service to us and our family. We’ve always considered ourselves to be on a “budget” but never incorporated a plan for the future. After just the first meeting with Kelly, we were hit with the reality of where are money really is going...after only a few short months, we no longer feel “buyers remorse” when making a purchase because it was in our plan...I highly recommend having a conversation with Kelly, you won't regret it!

-Jeff & Alicia, Wisconsin

Paying off my last debt which was my car was the best feeling in the world! I feel so free now! My paycheck is now my paycheck and I'm keeping more of my money, not giving it away to banks. I paid over $3600 in interest for my car loan. That is a very nice vacation. My main goal to becoming debt free is to travel guilt free- paying for it with cash so I can truly enjoy the vacation and not worry about making credit card payments on it. I'm remaining motivated to complete baby step 3 (emergency fund) as soon as I can and then work on setting up separate savings accounts for a new car and vacations.

-Kari, Minnesota