The Details:

Group Coaching is available again, starting Tuesday, January 5th!

This will be a private coaching group lasting a full month. Available through Facebook and Google Meet, we will have weekly live lectures and tools available to help you throughout the course, all with the support from a community. Oh, and I'll be answering all of your money questions!

At the end of Group Coaching, you will be able to:

  • analyze your spending to find areas to save money

  • create a personalized budget that will work for you, with the knowledge to adjust it as life happens

  • know how much money you should have in your emergency fund

  • identify sinking funds that are important in your life and know how to save for them

  • have confidence to finally take back control of your money!

Working within a group of your peers has many advantages:

You receive social support from others who are going through the same thing as you

You identify a new approach to solving problems

You are able to compare other perspectives to the issues you are facing to find a solution

You are a part of a community of trust, allowing you to be fully honest

You have access to questions and answers you may have never thought of