Free Initial Call

Are you looking for more information or you are not sure where to start? Let's chat! I would love to connect on the phone to determine if your needs and my services align!

Book a call via the "Let's Talk" link. Click on "Book Now" at the top of the website to get into the scheduler for your free call.

After our call and you decide that YES, now is the time that I want to take ownership over my money we can continue to work with each other in one of two ways :

Financial Coaching 1:1

We not only focus on finding more of your money by defining your priorities, but we evaluate what a meaningful happy life looks like in your eyes and set you up to get you there! This option is for those that are ready to make the commitment and ready to have a better relationship with their money. I will work with you to:build a personal financial plan that I have detailed out by thoroughly examining your current assets and liabilities - I will know more about your money than you might at this point create specific and measurable financial goals (and actually accomplish them)be accountable - we will have ongoing accountability check-ins to ensure you are making progress and I will be regularly available to answer any additional questions that pop-up (because life happens)

BONUS: You will also get access to templates to help you budget, record debt paid and keep track of goals.

NOTES: We will work together over a three-month period to ensure you are feeling confident, prepared and ready to kick butt.

Group Coaching

This will be a private coaching group lasting a full month, starting each month! Housed in Facebook, we will have weekly live lectures, community support and I'll be answering all of your money questions! We will cover:

  1. tracking spending

  2. creating a budget

  3. adjusting a budget as life happens

  4. emergency funds

  5. sinking funds

  6. how much to pay towards debt

  7. all your Q&A

BONUS: You will also get access to templates to track your expenses and create your budget that will help you for a full year!

Budgeting Happy Hour

If you are thinking you want to start with a budget, or you are pretty good with your finances you just need a little help to smooth out the edges, this package is for you.

We cover everything around a budget, all in 90 minutes!

  • What is a budget

  • Why you need one

  • How to build a budget

  • Types of debt payment methods

  • How much to pay towards debt/month

Budget template and budgeting resources are also included with this package.

Have questions? Email me at and follow me on social media!